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Search or browse for jobs from the Job Board. We only deploy employees with strong work ethics, technical knowledge, and skills - imprints of a Filipino worker trained and nurtured the Primary way.

We are part of a strong network of companies engaged in the industries of education, mining, shipping, concrete products manufacturing, construction, industrial and commercial management, real estate development, and hospitality business.

We are the launching pad of the workers’ ultimate dream of achieving success as the company opens its doors for their possible employment in countries across the Asia and beyond. Primary Skills have established vital linkages and support networks both local and international to help train and safeguard the interest, welfare, and development of the workers. We work closely with our local and international government agencies to ensure compliance to the legal documentations requirements of our workers.

We provide long term partnerships with our clients by providing them the well trained and experienced candidates, and customize trainings to suit the competencies they require from the candidates to add greater value to their organization.

We are willing to fly to the clients’ host country to have a pre-selection meeting regarding their job orders and requirements.