Primary Group of Builders


Integrated Shelter Solutions Provider


From a single construction company to a powerhouse conglomerate, the six companies under the Primary Group of Builders have grown to be the industry’s preferred choice and a leader in their respective fields of specialty.

Our success as a company stems from the ways of providing solutions that effectively address the needs of our clients that add value to their business and way of living. Integrated Shelter Solutions is the best definition of what we offer our clients and investors.

Shelter is more than the roof above our heads and the walls that physically encompass us. It is any type of dwelling – the corporate world at the office, the sanctuary of our homes, and the modes of transport to get us from Point A to Point B. Shelter is a place of refuge where a family, a corporation, and a business can grow and prosper.

We provide residential solutions through Primary Homes Inc., business solutions through Primary Properties Corporation, milestone construction solutions through Primary Structures Corporation, concrete products and services through Concrete Solutions, Inc., human development solutions through Primary Skills Educational Foundation, and placement solutions through our Primary Skills, Inc. Because of our passion to meet the high standards, we never compromise on quality and integrity in our products and services. The diversified range of products and service solutions is integrated to strengthen each company’s competence to deliver value-added service to our clients and investors.

Trust the Primary Group of Builders to deliver the best solutions to your business and personal endeavors.



Primary Structures Corporation (PSC)


Since its inception in 1951, Primary Structures Corporation (PSC) has grown into a dynamic multimillion dollar construction company with a full time workforce of over 2,000 professionals who ensure that projects are completed on time and under the strictest quality control. PSC has expanded nationwide in the Philippines and abroad in the Middle East bringing the efficiency of its workforce, combined with the cost effective project management which continues to give the company a competitive edge in the market place.

The construction workforce is complemented by a fleet of modem vehicles and well-maintained equipment which has also made the company the equipment-oursourcing partner of choice in the construction and mining industries. PSC has built a total of over 1,000,000 sq. m. of structures, supported by a workforce of highly-qualified professionals, and has become the largest lessor of construction equipment.

Through it all, PSC has stood by the principles of hard work and professionalism which are the very foundations upon which PSC was built. Quality, Speed and Service: these are the reasons Primary Structures Corporation has grown to become one of the most trusted and credible construction companies in the country today.



Concrete Solutions, Inc. (CSI)


Founded in 1999, the evolution of Concrete Solutions Incorporated (CSI), has made an inscription in the history of the ready-mixed concrete industry. In terms of service, capacity and quality, CSI surpasses what all its competitors in Cebu have to offer. The limelight beamed at CSI as it manifested a sound system – one that recognizes the interdependence and synergy of all the departments. Above all, the competence and intelligence of its employees are considered to be the most important resource.

CSI pours over 250,000 cubic meters annually and is the only local concrete manufacturer outside of Metro Manila that has the establishment of a quality management system which meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2000 providing concrete solutions for foreign-funded public works. It has an impressive shipping fleet with 50,000 tons capacity to support not only its production but also the transport of bulk cargo which includes valuable raw materials for power generation and the mining industry. This further proves that indeed, CSI is the genuine solution to the concrete needs of any construction project.



Primary Homes, Inc. (PHI)


Primary Homes, Inc. is a premier developer of subdivisions, condominiums, and other residential projects in Metro Cebu with over 20 years of experience. Since then, they have built 3,000 houses and 1,000 condominium units that have been delivered on-time to its clients.

Being one of the pioneers in large-scale vertical and horizontal housing developments, Primary Homes has proven track record in the real estate industry. The company is already venturing into Cebu’s provinces and the neighboring islands in the Visayas Region to expand its growth.

Primary Homes finds itself at the forefront of the booming real estate industry in Cebu to provide practical, innovative, and indulgent living spaces that address the varied shelter demands of the market.


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Primary Properties Corporation (PPC)


With more than 15 years in the leasing industry, Primary Properties Corporation (PPC), an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, has provided business solutions to more than 60 companies, 55% of which are from leading BPOs and call centers occupying over 40,000 sqm of office space. PPC boasts of a long list of multinational and local strong players as its clientele.

PPC is the mover in its industry. In 1994 to respond to the government’s need to further develop economic zones, Primary Properties constructed its first building to cater to the growing export industry in Cebu. From then on, PPC has built 12 more buildings to support Mactan Economic Zone (MEZ) 1 and 2 locators, providing jobs to more than 10 thousand workers. PPC owns 200,000 sq. m. of space while also managing 300,000 sq. m. property.

PPC pioneers ideas. PPC was the first to construct a multi-tenanted commercial building at Asiatown IT Park. Picking the strongest brands in the retail industry that would answer to the needs of our office tenants, i1, i2 and i3 Building became the premiere business location. Even with this remarkable track record, PPC still continues to grow.


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Primary Skills, Inc. (PSI)


Primary Skills, Inc. (PSI) is a duly accredited manpower recruitment agency. PSI is an institution dedicated to the just and responsible placement of manpower resources. It was established in response to the global demand for highly skilled, employment – ready, and reliable Filipino workforce. We aim to provide our clients a fast delivery of our manpower resources and meet their specied job order requirements. We are part of a strong network of companies engaged in the industries of mining, shipping, ready mix concrete production, construction, industrial & commercial management, real estate development, and hospitality.

We hope to provide close partnerships with our clients to establish good long-term relationships by providing them the right candidates who add value to their company. We work closely with our local and international Philippine government agencies to ensure the legal documentations of our manpower.

Primary Skills, Inc. is deemed as the launching pad of the workers’ ultimate dream of achieving success as the company opens its doors for their possible employment in countries across the Middle East and beyond. We offer a personalized approach in the hiring, pooling, and selection of our manpower resources by doing personal interviews with our candidates. To help safeguard the interest, welfare, and development of the workers, Primary Skills, Inc. has established vital linkages and global support networks.

Our personalized approach also extends in our dealings with the clients. We are willing to fly to the client’s host country to have a pre-selection meeting regarding their job orders and requirements should the client desire such an arrangement. Based on the clients’ needs and skills requirement, we customize the trainings and job immersion for our people to fully develop their competence for the job.

We only deploy employees with strong work ethics, technical knowledge, and skills – imprints of a Filipino worker trained and nurtured the Primary way.




Primary Structures Educational Foundation, Inc. (PSEFI)


Primary Structures Educational Foundation, Inc. (PSEFI), the training arm of Primary Structures Corporation was established in 2008. A year after its operations, it was certified by TESDA as a training and assessment center for all construction related trades. In 2010, PSEFI received its Philippine Council for NGO Certification (PCNC) as a donee foundation which means every donation PSEFI receives is tax deductible to the donor’s taxable income.

In 2011, PSEFI entered into a partnership with the Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) to design an welder training facility that meets the Canadian CSA qualification/certification standards in the School of Knowledge for Industrial Labor, Leadership, and Service (SKILLS). PSEFI is committed to providing quality training and certifying Filipino welders using the CWB Welder Education Program that prepares them for international employment.

PSEFI has revolutionized the technical training by forming combo courses which bonded related trade courses into one single course, producing multi-skilled graduates or short courses with employable skills. Primary Structures Educational Foundation, Inc is committed to train and certify Filipino workers to help build the world today and tomorrow.