Primary Skills, Inc. (PSI) is a duly accredited manpower recruitment agency. PSI is an institution dedicated to the just and responsible placement of manpower resources. It was established in response to the global demand for highly skilled, employment – ready, and reliable Filipino workforce. We aim to provide our clients a fast delivery of our manpower resources and meet their specied job order requirements. We are part of a strong network of companies engaged in the industries of mining, shipping, ready mix concrete production, construction, industrial & commercial management, real estate development, and hospitality.

We hope to provide close partnerships with our clients to establish good long-term relationships by providing them the right candidates who add value to their company. We work closely with our local and international Philippine government agencies to ensure the legal documentations of our manpower.

Primary Skills, Inc. is deemed as the launching pad of the workers’ ultimate dream of achieving success as the company opens its doors for their possible employment in countries across the Middle East and beyond. We offer a personalized approach in the hiring, pooling, and selection of our manpower resources by doing personal interviews with our candidates. To help safeguard the interest, welfare, and development of the workers, Primary Skills, Inc. has established vital linkages and global support networks.

Our personalized approach also extends in our dealings with the clients. We are willing to fly to the client’s host country to have a pre-selection meeting regarding their job orders and requirements should the client desire such an arrangement. Based on the clients’ needs and skills requirement, we customize the trainings and job immersion for our people to fully develop their competence for the job.

We only deploy employees with strong work ethics, technical knowledge, and skills – imprints of a Filipino worker trained and nurtured the Primary way.


  • Leveraging on Filipino competence and values in providing them better employment opportunities abroad.


  • To be the leading skills and talent provider for employers in Middle East and Asia


  • To deploy workers and professionals in Asia and Canada.
  • To open the employment market in North and South America.
  • To be financially sustainable and independent.


  • Quality, Efficiency, Continuous improvement, Service, Productivity, Creativity, Service